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Are you tired of cluttered editors? Our writing experience is simple and lightweight. Whether you write on desktop or mobile, both for short posts or longer articles, you get the right tool.

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Share your public profile ( to collect more subscribers. Your profile can optionally include your past newsletters and certified metrics, like the number of subscribers, email views, clicks and likes.

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Delivering the emails to the inbox, avoiding spam filters, is not a simple task. We manage all the complexity for you so that you don't have to worry about SPF, DKIM, DMARK, IP and sender reputation, compliance, confirmations, bounces and unsubscribes, deliverability. We also use advanced techniques and AI to fight spam before it leaves our servers, so that legitimate senders can enjoy great deliverability without efforts.

How can I create an email newsletter?

You can simply sign up to to create a newsletter. You will get a unique email address that you can use for sending your newsletters. It's like Gmail, but for newsletters.

Do I need to buy a domain name?

You don't need to purchase a domain name. We can host your newsletter on our high-reputation domain optimized for emails.

How can I collect subscribers?

You can upload your existing email addresses (e.g. a CSV file) or you can share a link to your profile with your followers to let them subscribe (e.g.

Can I export my mailing list?

Yes, all the data and email addresses are yours. You can download them at any time.

Can I trust your domain / IP reputation?

Absolutely, our domain is one of the most reputable domains with 0% spam rate. We use warm, reliable IPs provided by AWS for the deliveries.

What do you do to fight spam?

We use several layers of protection to fight any form of spam. These layers include different AI techniques, moderation, user reputation and more. This allows us to keep a very high reputation for our domain and IPs.

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